Sea Monster Attack Litigation

At the Law Offices of Lynch & Reynolds, we specialize in representing the victims of personal injury resulting from sea monster attack. At a recent symposium for sea monster experts in San Francisco, we handed out a questionnaire to potential clients. We present here the data we gathered, as well as the harrowing tales of nautical woe from the victims themselves.


Clearly the Caspian sea, with 24% of all attacks, is the most sea-monster-saturated of all the seven seas, followed by the Mediterranean and Adriatic. 15% of victims appear to have been sufficiently disoriented by their traumatic experiences that they can't even remember which sea they were in at the time. The Persian Gulf appears by far to be the safest of all the seas with regard to the risk of sea monster attack.

which sea.png

Sea-monster-attack victims are a salty lot, judging by the fact that 67% of them had been at sea more than 90 months before being attacked.

months at sea.png

And these sailors appear to have brought plenty of Sunny-D with them, as scurvy rates were quite low.


Over 40% of attacking sea monsters have more than 15 tentacles. From this we can conclude that they are really, really scary. This undoubtedly contributes to the undue mental anguish our clients endure.


And here we present the collected stories of the surveyed victims.

Mary Prankster: "Having been contracted to kill an infestation of sea monsters in the Caspian, I was attacked and severely tentacled."
Captain Smarmy: "I done been sailin' da sea when all of a sudden dis creature came outta nowheres and attacked me ship. We grabbed all our pokin' sticks and poked that monster back into da sea!"
Mermaid Raven An: "I was sunning my bare breasts on a warm, smooth stone. A wry tentacle snaked up and whipped my mer-buns. Who knows what will happen next time?"
Captain T.J. Honker: "While pillaging Her Majesty's fine goods, I and me crew was unprovokedly tentacled, and we lost some o' our booty! And also, I lost me arm, but I got three o' his!"
Ambulanceboat Chaser: "It all happened so fast! I am very traumatized. No, these bite marks are not sharpied."
Francisco "My Mother Was Eaten By A Sea Monster" De La Torre: "A chill in the air like death descended upon us. "Tis sea monster weather," said Mother.
Brendan O'Sullivan: "I was walking on a jogging path, having disembarked from a treacherous journey across the Arabian Sea in a rather large fishing vessel when a spiteful kraken, who'd followed us across the sea but was unable to attack due to the vessel's size, lurched from the water to snarch my baby Elliot from my clutches."
X: "It was just after dawn. There were sea monsters in the valley. 'Nuff said."
Olga Nunes: "She was a beautiful monster who took my heart."
Bobby Digital: "Difficult to remember."
Narg Opolis: "Bastard picked me up by the face with a slimy tentacle and popped my left eye right out :("
Elizabeth Merstrom: "Peaceful trans-Red Sea migration interrupted by attack, coordinated by three creatures with intent to capture (and kill?), narrow escape, loss of five scales on right hip."
Gentle Oak: "We were just enjoying a delightful Sunday afternoon on the boat when a dreadful tentacle appeared over the starboard bow. I can't even go on..."
John Ballantyne: "Surfing and then ZOMG SEA MONSTER. Luckily caught a fat tube that took me to safety but my board was ruined. Seeking damages to property and mental suffering."
Sour Scrat: "Awkward."