Lucid Dreaming

Some friends and I were experiencing a particularly bizarre sequence of events, when suddenly I realized, "This is way too ridiculous, we must be dreaming." When I expressed my revelation to my friends, they all shook their heads in shock and wonderment and congratulated me on my insight. We then proceeded to occupy our idle minds by performing such tricks as levitating objects and eating giant strawberries. However, I then had another realization. I asked my companions, "Don't you think it's a bit odd that we're all having the same dream?" We all agreed that this was not very likely, and that in reality it must be only one of us that was having the dream. I personally was fairly sure that it was me, since I knew that I was self-aware, which should theoretically prove my existence under René Descartes' philosophical statement, "I think, therefore I am." However, my companions resisted the idea that I was the one having the dream and that the rest of them didn't exist. Being not totally convinced myself, I asked one of them the following question: "So in your mind, you are totally convinced that you are self-aware, that you are the one having a dream, and that the rest of us are just constructs of your imagination?" She thought briefly and replied, "Yes, I am." This made me begin to seriously doubt my own existence. But then I woke up, and my first conscious thought was, "Whew! It WAS me!"